Enhanced Protection with
Antimicrobial Technology

No matter what your day holds, eliminate the transfer of germs from public transport, the gym or the airport into your home. Our durable water-resistant and antimicrobial fabric keep your belongings dry whilst reducing harmful bacteria, viruses and germs by up to 99%.

This inbuilt protection also means fabrics are less susceptible to staining, bad odours and degradation, prolonging the lifetime of the bag. 

Is your ethos more out of sight, out of mind? What if germs were no longer out of sight, would it change your mind?

Do you leave your sweaty gym clothes in your gym bag during your workday? Often this can’t be avoided but what if we told you, you could prevent further transfer of bacteria causing odour inside your gym bag? With the Fraser Holdall this is possible. 

Engineered for Excellence:
Unmatched Performance

Stay Connected,
Tech-Optimised Design

Clean, and Sustainable:
Redefining Gym Hygiene

At Becket London, we’re committed to both hygiene and sustainability. Our bags come equipped with a reusable laundry net, ventilated compartments for gym gear, and a water-resistant wash bag, minimising waste and maximising cleanliness.

Elegance Meets Functionality:
Minimalist Sophistication

Striking the perfect balance between form and function, our designs boast a minimalist aesthetic that complements any style. From the gym to the office to weekend getaways, a Becket bag is the only travel companion you’ll ever need.

Ventilated Shoe Compartment

Our dedicated compartment to carry your shoes gives peace of mind that dirt and dust from the pavement, public transport and gym floor won’t soil clean belongings in your bag. No more separate bags for your trainers.

Effortless Organisation:
Convenience Redefined

Experience unmatched convenience with our hidden hang function for easy access, shelving system for seamless organisation, and designated pockets for your essentials. With Becket, everything has its place, making every journey effortless.